Hello, Welcome to Days of Dial-Up!


Days of Dial-Up is a history blog. It’s mostly informal stories from the past that I’ve come across through current-events, general reading, procrastination, and the occasional one about Haitian history (which I study). Some are light-hearted, and some are quite serious. None are gonna change the world.


John Fitch and the 1955 Le Mans Tragedy: Making Something Out of Disaster
18th August 2017
How a racing driver endeavoured to save thousands of lives after 84 perished at Le Mans

john fitch pierre levegh

“What a Time to be Alive”
1st July 2017
Jaded review of Rustler’s advert, in a life of diminishing returns.


Obama & I
20th January 2017
A personal reflection on my eight ambivalent years with President Barack Obama



The Ghosts of Stadiums Past
Tending the Backyard: US Foreign Policy in Cuba and Haiti, 1898-2014
“Houses as Ruins as Gardens as Weeds” – Manic Street Preachers Reprise the Holy Bible, 1st June 2015
“Where is he from, this King of Haiti?” Admiral Caperton Invades Haiti, 28th July 1915

New additions coming soon!


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