Hello, Welcome to Days of Dial-Up!


Days of Dial-Up is a history blog. It’s mostly informal stories from the past that I’ve come across through current-events, general reading, procrastination, and the occasional one about Haitian history (which I study). Some are light-hearted, and some are quite serious. None are gonna change the world.


Skeleton Women (2018)
17th February 2018
An update of the first Days of Dial-Up post, celebrating Britain’s women skeleton sliders who melted the Old Boy culture


2017 in History: The Cockroach and the Bee
31st December 2017
Futuristic cockroach museums meet hope for the year ahead
john redwood two

“In These Days of Evil Presidentes”: Punk and Fascism
22nd December 2017
Exploring Punk’s intimate relationship with Nazis, and those who oppose them

let fury have the hour

Recognising Kosovo*
29th October 2017
As Catalonia strives to go it alone, a look at how Europe’s newest country has fared


The Ghosts of Stadiums Past 10th May 2016
Tending the Backyard: US Foreign Policy in Cuba and Haiti, 1898-2014 18th December 2014
“Cultural Challenges”: From Haka to Cibi, Stories of Rugby’s War Dances
4th December 2015

New additions coming soon!


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