Hello curious visitor, welcome to Days of Dial-Up!


Days of Dial-Up is a history blog. It’s mostly informal stories from the past that I’ve come across through current-events, general reading, procrastination, and the occasional one about Haitian history (which I study). Some are light-hearted, and some are quite serious. None are trying to change the world.


Obama & I
20th January 2017
A personal reflection on my eight ambivalent years with President Barack Obama


Decision 1796: A Brief History of Picking US Presidents
8th November 2016
Your partially-serious guide to elections past, just in time for Hill v Donny 2016.


Yes, They Could! The Paralympic Pioneers
7th September 2016
Before Stoke Mandeville, there were disabled athletes who came to the Olympics and medalled.



The Ghosts of Stadiums Past
Tending the Backyard: US Foreign Policy in Cuba and Haiti, 1898-2014
“Houses as Ruins as Gardens as Weeds” – Manic Street Preachers Reprise the Holy Bible, 1st June 2015
“Where is he from, this King of Haiti?” Admiral Caperton Invades Haiti, 28th July 1915

New additions coming soon!

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