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Palace of Sans Souci, September 2014, taken by me

I study Haitian history, so I occasionally can’t help but blog about it. Here are some recent Days of Dial-Up posts about Haiti.

The Bird Cannot Build Her Nest
25th January 2016
Democracy in Haiti. Past and Present – at the time of the aborted Haitian presidential run-off.


“Where is he from, this King of Haiti”: Admiral Caperton Invades Haiti, 28th July 1915
28th July, 2015
A partially-fictional retelling of William Banks Caperton’s invasion of Haiti, that heralded the 19-year long US occupation of Haiti.

Caperton and Bobo

Tending the Backyard: US Foreign Policy in Cuba and Haiti, 1898-2014
18th December, 2014
Following the détente in US/Cuban relations, we look at two Caribbean nations with a similar history with the United States, but with drastically different consequences.


The Life and Death of Jean-Claude Duvalier
5th October 2014
An obituary of Jean-Claude Duvalier, in a time when Jean-Claudisme lives on.

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